“Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!”

Merry Christmas from Pastor Stan-is-laus (yep, that’s my legal name) and Rev-Mrs. Slaus! As a kid, I was embarrassed to death with that name. I can’t imagine why none of my children wouldn’t name their boys Stanislaus??? ?

Oh, what a season! “All is calm, all is bright,” the  Christmas Carol echos. However, I know a lot of people this year who will be experiencing pain, loss, discouragement, and are just as blue as can be.

After my Mom died, as we were cleaning out her apartment in that seniors high-rise complex in Casper, Wyoming, we received a lot of comments. “Can we talk to you for a moment?” asked more than one resident. They would then share in confidence (as if I hadn’t heard this before), “You know, we called your Mom the Iron Lady!” “And why is that?” I would reply. “Because we never saw her frown or cry. We knew things weren’t always good for her. She had all her teeth pulled out and had dentures. She hurt her back, and most of all she missed you, her only son, when you couldn’t be with her for the holidays. She never seemed fazed by it all. We all looked up to her, because nothing ever got her down.”

If Mom was lonely, she’d go to the nearest homeless shelter or Salvation Army to spend the day in the kitchen serving meals and being around people. Actually, I agree with her neighbors’ assessments. She was an Iron Lady! Her strength came from her habitual reading of the Word, and her time in prayer. I am a product of that prayer life of hers. I’ve actually had three great gifts in my life!  

  • Salvation from my sins through Jesus. 
  • An absolutely wonderful marriage and ministry partner in Gevena.
  • A mom who kept her vows with God, and served as an example to me to be faithful to my Lord.

Merry Christmas! Count Your Blessings this Season!

Pastor Stan