“Listen! Go! Do!”

“Listen! Go! Do!”

As we leave tomorrow on our missions trip to Kenya, I heard the words ringing in my spirit again, “Listen! Go! Do!” I believe I preached a message with these three words as main points, but I wanted to speak to this subject a bit more. I want to encourage you to make these words a high priority in your life.

Why do we keep going back to Africa? We have now been going for 25 years, and there is obviously some connection there. We have been asked, “Why have you not become full-time on the mission field in Africa?”

When the Holy Spirit is directing you, It doesn’t have to make sense! How does He direct and guide us? Using Isaiah 6 as help for explaining this, we see Isaiah had the most amazing experience, unforgettable, and astounding. He saw the Lord God. Isaiah was totally overcome with emotion. God’s holiness and majesty overwhelmed him.

Isaiah was immediately taken past the “WOW!” of the moment and he realized how sinful he was. Isaiah repented and was purged and cleaned up by coals off of God’s altar.

Isaiah then heard (Listen). The question came, “Who will I send? Who will go?” Isaiah responded … “Oh, oh, oh, goody gum drops!” That isn’t what Isaiah said! ? Isaiah responded, Here I am! Send me!” The reply was immediate. “GO!” Further instruction came, “Tell this people…” Isaiah asked a further question,  “How long?” You can read the rest of the story.

How does this apply to us living in these crazy times of 2021? My advice to all of us is: Don’t take 7/24 news too seriously. I want to know what is going on, but life is more than having the TV on all day and night, plus instant updates.

Give quality time to listening. The Bible is our VOICE! Read it daily and often as it is the source of our constant communication with God. You will be surprised how well communication comes as you read His Word. I was once told by God that I would be leaving a 10-year pastorate that we dearly loved and go to New York City after 9-11. Truly! We did GO and were so blessed by God while we pastored in “The City.”

The Holy Spirit will verify everything He wants you to do. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit as He tells you, “Listen! Go! Do!” is the sweetest occupation you have in this life.

Together, We Serve!

Pastor Stan