“Life is Short …”

“Life is Short …”

I recently read this statement scribbled on a sheet of paper:

“We often hear,

‘Life is short … Better enjoy it!’

How about,

‘Eternity is long … Better prepare for it!’”

I really grieve for so many in this world who are living for the moment and not for eternity! IT RIPS AT MY SOUL. I pray that it moves me to tears. I pray it moves you to tears.

I think of the many, many people in my life who don’t know Jesus and are just living day to day, tweaking about whatever bit of temporary and momentary thrill they can have for a few seconds, because they buy into that idea, “Life is short … better enjoy it!” I’ve stood at the casket of 18 year-olds who hung themselves, because they were dared to do so — You know, just for the thrill of seeing what it was like, but not really meaning to kill themselves. What do I say to the grieving mom who screams her agony, OR the Dad … he’s tight lipped and face pinched … there is no emotion showing, because it is buried inside of him.

What if we had been more persistent, even obnoxious, in warning our loved ones and neighbors who were living the “Life is short” syndrome? What if we pointed them towards the joy of a life spent with Jesus? What if we had interceded for their souls?

Have I really warned enough of how long eternity will be? Have I spoken of the terrors of hell, and the joys of heaven? Have I made my appeal, with tears in my eyes, for their souls? Have I moved past what others might think of me — the fear they might laugh at me, or reject me, or “poo-poo” my ridiculous claims of a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun.

There is more at stake than we think, people. I hope we begin to look in the eyes of people at Wal-Mart, grocery stores, hardware stores, and wonder, “Where will they spend eternity?”

Let us be sober in our lives and

be eternity conscious in these last days,

Pastor Stan