“Let’s Get Our Praise On!”

“Let’s Get Our Praise On!”

Again I quote my very famous Worship Pastor from our last church. I can see and hear him as he would masterfully open a worship service. He’d sit down and powerfully began to play … everyone would hush, as listening to him tickle the ivories was an exceptional treat. Then he’d begin to sing a song he’d make up right then.  “My, my, my, I see Jesus in this room! He’s stooping down out of Glory, just to listen to how you’re going to sing and worship today. He’s excited to see the souls coming to Jesus … His healing, saving power, is ready to unleash itself to every hungry, thirsty soul here in His room. He’s coming right now.” 

Everyone would jump to their feet and begin to praise the Lord and clap their hands. Excitement grew, and then we’d sing our hearts out. Some would run to the front to worship in the altar area. Others would weep, others clap, and loud voices uttered, “Praise the Lord!” “Hallelujah!” and “Amen!” It was not a show. We didn’t gather with concern about clothes or a show of money. Black skinned people, brown skinned, maybe even a turban of a Muslim, would be in the crowd. Chinese, Sri Lankans, people from India, and Anglos — We were all there for one purpose: To lift His Name and see what He was going to do, as well as to hear His Word preached. I remember the prison convict who was released one week. He walked into church and gave a muted testimony. We sang, “My Chains Are Gone” and He Set Me Free.” We might even have had a victory March around the church!

I don’t have Pastor Romie on staff here, and we don’t have so much of a mixed culture, but Jesus is here! I choose not to look around at the crowd. I’m going to look up and see Jesus! I’m going to lift my hands and praise Him. It’s not about who is here or not here. Church is about Jesus.  Church is expecting Jesus to show up. Church is believing that today He is going to speak to us, heal our bodies, save souls, encourage the broken hearted, and rejoice with those who have escaped bondage from their shackles of sin. 

Come on, folks … let’s get our praise on today!

Pastor Stan