“Let the Weak Say …”

“Let the Weak Say …”

“I just can’t do this anymore! I just don’t feel up to it.”

  • Young Britts, ages 18 to 29 — Many of them are saying, “Life has no meaning. Things are just hopeless. We don’t know what to do.”
  • Airmen and women: “More suicides now than ever before by those in active military service,” so says several news sources.
  • Aged people: “Why doesn’t God just take me home? I am so hopeless and useless here on earth. I’m so tired and weak. I hate being old!”
  • Teens: “I just don’t want to do anything! I don’t want to go to school, I don’t want to work; nothing makes me happy!”

That is just about the saddest commentary I’ve heard! I would just like to say: That’s not what God says! He says, “Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.’” Joel 3:10b

Saint of God, lift up your head! Here is what God has destined for you: “And the armies in heaven, clothed in white linen, white and CLEAN, followed Him (Jesus) on white horses.”  Rev. 19:14

  • Jesus washed you in His Blood! He has proclaimed you “White and Clean!”  You’re going to ride with Jesus, on white horses. (I’m pretty sure that means He has white horses already prepared in Heaven! If not, He will create them on the spot, as needed.) 
  • What a thrill! We will ride with Him! Where are we going to ride? Let me answer that question, with a question.  Have you ever wondered why the devil doesn’t get his just reward? Why does evil always seem to win? It seems like evil people are so happy, and have everything they want, right?
  • I have an answer for you, Saint of God! #1) This offer is only good for those washed in the Blood of Jesus. #2) This offer is good for those who serve Christ. They haven’t walked away from His love. They have not deserted Jesus for the love and thrill of the world and the devil’s devices.
  • The offer is this: There’s coming a day when you will join Heaven’s army. You will ride like the wind. You will have no fear of hopping on the back of that big white horse. You will ride in Jesus’ army. You won’t have any injuries or weakness. Satan will fear you as part of the army of Christ!  

Saint of God: You are not weak … God says you are strong. The devil agrees … the devil is just lying to you! Stand up! Raise yourself to your full height.  Set your shoulders straight and prepare for battle!

Saint of God … Church of Jesus Christ …

You have already won!

Pastor Stan