“Last Days”

“Last Days”

Hang on! Things are changing very fast in the last days before Jesus comes! While I am not a date setter on when Jesus will return a second time, the facts are very obvious.

The world is in a most perilous condition: The “virus crud” has not only created death, but inherently created more FEAR and hopelessness than our world is accustomed to. With the knowledge of young people, children and youth included, we have so much at stake. We are losing our next generation of children due to abortion, suicide, broken families, troubled marriages, dysfunctional marriages, and broken parents who would have been better off if they had never had children. The rebellious nature of adults who shake their fists at God, mocking Him, and declaring God is dead, irrelevant, angry, or vengeful, are many millions. 

God is responding, in like manner, as He did when Israel and surrounding nations rebelled against Him. God allowed Israel to go into a captive slavery condition. For many generations they suffered, until they cried out in repentance and begged God to forgive them and bring them out of captivity. God would eventually forgive them, then restore them. Then humanity would start the same process all over again.

The world, not just the United States, is in a rebellious state. God won’t allow their rebellious nature for long. God asked, “How long will my Spirit strive with man?”  

I have a word for you all: Repent! Return to God. Fall on your knees.  Confess you worldliness, your lack of a solid steady life of prayer and reading of the Bible. Confess your backsliding. Repent of the careless way you have allowed your children to have no moral compass. You have not taught them the Bible and the truth of Jesus’ Words.

Oh, yes, I say again to you all: World events are changing rapidly. The end of time as we know it is coming to an end. Church of Jesus Christ, wake up! Your prayer less, careless attitudes will cause you to see many of your family lost to the Kingdom of God.

Do I sound like a prophet of doom and gloom? I won’t apologize. I have been reading the prophet books of the Old Testament. We must understand our changing times. We must live with our spiritual senses open to His plan for these End Times. Quite frankly, things are going to get worse before they get better.

On that note I sign off … 

Look UP … Your Redemption Draws Near!

Pastor Stan