Just Sayin’!

Just Sayin’!

All right, I admit it … I was irritated  when I penned the words below. They were published in the  Mountain Mail recently. It occurs to me, we need to care enough to speak up!


Okay, bring on the heat of controversy, but I am so disappointed in the State of Colorado, Chaffee County, and Salida for their allowing the big, Federally illegal, pot business to grow with little restraint. Essentially this State, County, and small town is selling its soul for a few measly tax dollars.

If I have it figured right, we will now have approximately 95,000 more square feet to grow 20,000 additional pounds of marijuana and market it right under our noses. Approximately $550,000 will go into the County.

How many lives will be destroyed by this junk called marijuana, alcohol, opioids, and meth? There are many ruined families, because of addictions. There are kids who used to look up to parents, teachers, and people of influence who now believe the only way to get a thrill, or solve a problem, is getting high.

It has been proven that continued use of pot destroys brain cells. Worse than that, it is the gateway to the craving of heroin. I worked for Teen Challenge in Chicago in the 1960’s as a college student. It was disgusting. I saw first hand the people on the streets who couldn’t find anymore veins to shoot up in. Their veins had collapsed, due to shooting heroin directly into their veins. Eventually, they resorted to sticking a needle between their toes to shoot up. Mind altering drugs is never the answer.

Smoking pot, or using other chemicals, to bring on an instant gratification will be like a monkey on your back. The more you feed it, the worse the demands are. Soon that monkey turns into a gorilla, demanding, “More! More! MORE!” Now you’re out of money, but the neighbor has a bike you could steal and pawn. Then it’s on to bigger crimes. When and where does all this insanity stop?

Considering the above described scenario, the County will have to hire more deputies, and create a bigger jail. Then there are more accidents on the roads by drivers bombed out of their sanity. In the end, it will cost the County more than the drugs and alcohol economy will bring into the County coffers.

If you want peace, satisfaction, and joy you need Jesus, not artificially induced states of something to keep you happy.

Just Sayin’!

Pastor Stan Rutkowski