“It’s Been a Tough Year!”

“It’s Been a Tough Year!”

With all the Covid crud, the financial downturn, and more, we might wonder,  will things ever get back to normal? Personally, I think we have crossed a threshold into a new time and events that will shake our world. My life-long study concerning God is that He has been changing the times and seasons all along the history of mankind.

Consider some of the monumental events of man’s history. Adam and Eve took us from Paradise to sin. Noah brought us into a new era, as God declared humanity hopeless in their sin and destroyed every living creature, except Noah and his family. Abraham pleased God, and because of Abraham, God declared an everlasting covenant with Abraham’s descendants, Israel. Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, gave us a window into the future hope of God’s redemption for mankind through Jesus Christ. Moses was declared deliverer for Israel. Sadly enough, God knew the hearts of sinful mankind. He sent His prophets to confront mankind with their sin. There would be those righteous then evil ages when men would turn to God, then turn rebel against God.

The Old Testament ended with 400 years of silence, but the Promise of a Messiah. Every Jewish girl hoped that she might be the virgin whose son would redeem mankind with a permanent sacrifice acceptable for man’s sin. Jesus was introduced to the world. “He shall save His People from their sins,” was the promise. Jesus’ angels declared that as Jesus ascended into Heaven, there would be a day He would return to earth to gather His Saints to forever be with Him and His Father God.

Alas, we see history repeating itself, as mankind has sunk deeper into sin and rebellion against God. The days are as evil as they were in Noah’s time. Perhaps these days of rebellion and sin are even worse than pre-flood era?

So, as we approach 2022, we wonder, how long will it be until Jesus comes back a second time? The Book of Revelation prophesies an evil time will afflict the earth. God will begin to pour out judgement upon the earth. Will things get better in 2022? At the very least, I think we can say, God will preserve and care for his people in these days of humanity’s rebellion.

I look forward to Jesus’ Second Coming. I am reassured from God’s Word that God has everything under His control.

You are a “Rapture candidate”!

Pastor Stan