“It Still Touches a Chord in My Heart”

“It Still Touches a Chord in My Heart”

She came out crying. Obviously she was more than distraught. All I knew was that hers was an anguish I rarely saw. We looked to our interpreter, trying to figure out what was happening. Then I looked to the side of the mud hut with a tin roof and saw a very large black lump laying inert. What was it?

In the mean time, our interpreter had been talking in the Maa (Maasai) language to the rest of the group of Africans. They looked very distressed, as well.  We were told that the day before, the woman had lost her husband. She had no children. He was her only source of having enough money to survive. Her husband died suddenly, and seemingly without cause. Now, on this day, her prize milk cow died, just the day after her husband had died. That cow was the big black lump I saw at the corner of the mud hut!

What could we do for her? As hopeless as I felt, I remembered the promise of Jesus. “Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28.   

What else could we do? We prayed most earnestly as a team. We hugged her and cried our own tears. Then we left her. Did we leave her any money? No. Did we leave her any hope? Yes. In fact, the only One who could help was Jesus.

Alas, I have found myself in similar situations with men, women, and children. In the final analysis, I can’t answer the question of, ”WHY?” I won’t even attempt to answer such a question.

Does Jesus understand? Does He care? Does He love you? A triple, YES!


What do I have to offer a hopeless woman in Africa? Jesus and His Promises! How about the mother with two kids and a dog, living on the street?  Jesus and His Promises. We can’t fix everything in this screwed up world. Jesus is not at fault. Jesus redeemed us from the curse of sin.

I may cry and scream someday at loss or hurt. It can happen to any of us.   With the help of Jesus and His Promises, we must soldier on. Jesus bore His cross and refused to call 10,000 angels to help Him. Jesus knew He would triumph through this agony of bearing the weight of the sins of the world.

As you can tell, I am still burdened for the poor woman in Africa. I wonder how she is? I believe that dear one is being taken care of.

I believe in Jesus and His Promises! He is there for you today!

Pastor Stan