Is There Any Word From the Lord?

Is There Any Word From the Lord?

”Then Zedekiah the king sent and took him out. The king asked him secretly in his house, and said, Is there any word from the Lord? And Jeremiah said, ‘There is.’ Then he said, ‘You shall be delivered into the hand of the king of Babylon!’  Jer. 37:17

It seems like people are always seeking “a word.” They seek it many different ways. I heard of one church recently that is using “Christian tarot cards.”  Their methodology, as I understand it, is to advertise they are giving “tarot readings” free of charge. People are greatly attracted to that advertisement. So, they come to a neutral setting, and the reader uses “Christian” tarot cards, (I don’t believe God would sanction this.) and then give them a reading. Just so you know, I am definitely not in favor of this!

Oh, there are many other ways that people “seek a word.” Sometimes they ask blatantly, for a “word from God.” Some people make a living, giving words from the Lord.

In the Scripture reading passage above, a rebellious Jewish King, Zedekiah, asked the prophet, Jeremiah, “Do you have a word from the Lord for me?”  I’m not sure the King liked what Preacher Jeremiah gave him as a word from the Lord.

Here are ways you can truly hear from the Lord:

  • Come to church and listen to God’s Word being taught and preached.
  • Read your Bible — God will speak to you as you read His Word.
  • Ask God directly to speak to you.
  • Go to prayer — Give God praise — Tell Him you are prepared to listen.  Then read your Bible at the same time. It’s amazing how clear the Voice of God is when we shut up, quit begging for stuff, and just listen.
  • Follow through — If God’s Spirit speaks to individuals, the biggest downfall those people have is that they don’t obey what God has spoken to them!
  • Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s Voice — He’s speaking, and will communicate to you often, IF you’re willing to listen!
  • Be careful that you’re listening to the right voices! There are a lot of voices out there, but let’s determine we want to hear God’s Voice!

Pastor Stan Rutkowski