Is There an Active Apostate Church in 2018?

Is There an Active Apostate Church in 2018?

Quote for the Day:  God doesn’t send people to hell.

He simply honors their choice.

Oh, yes, back to my subject: “Is There An Active Apostate Church In 2018?” What is an Apostate Church? It is an organization that claims to be a church. They do NOT preach/teach that Jesus is the only way of salvation. They meet under many labels, but they deny certain portions of the Bible as not convenient, or not true. An example of this is the many churches who no longer accept hell as something a good God would do.

Many of the apostate churches have a gathering of unsaved people reading out of religious texts and putting on a show. There’s no power or anointing. They have a form of godliness, but deny its power. If the Holy Spirit was active, there would be conviction and life change.

It is very sad that we note the dilemma of John, the disciple. By the time he wrote First, Second, and Third John, things had really changed in the Church. It was so grievous to John! John watched Jesus perform miracles and heard Him speak of His Father in Heaven. John was there on the Day of Pentecost. Yet some 50 to 70 years after the Day of Pentecost where 3,000 men were saved, John faced a number of reprobate teachers who had diluted the Gospel and denied the power of the Gospel. When John wrote these last epistles, he wrote to a corrupted church, in effect, an apostate church.

The mark of the last days we live in will be a time when deception is one of the great marks of an apostate church. Miracles will be performed, even to the point of an apparent raising people from the dead!  If you’re just following signs and wonders, yet denying the power of the Gospel to save and change lives, be careful!

So, while I love people who live in sin, who are bound by habitual sin and life controlling habits, I will speak the truth about sin and repentance, and the respective destination of both. There must be churches and pastors bold enough to speak truth in a world where truth is ignored or mocked. Let us be the bold witness for Jesus in these last days.

Pastor Stan