“Introducing …”

“Introducing …”

Greetings, church family. Today is a real treat for you. Your special guests in our absence are Rev. Larry and Angie Selman. Larry is an Ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. Larry and Angie are a delightful couple. He has a rich military background, and currently serves as a volunteer chaplain with the Colorado Springs Police Department. Angie works in the bookstore of Focus on the Family. Together, they have a calling to do marriage retreats. They minister in places like Glen Eyrie, a wonderful area that is owned by the Navigators Ministry. They do retreats in other states, as well. Larry and Angie have a huge testimony of how God intervened in their marriage and brought them back as ONE. Please welcome them and make them feel at home. You will be very blessed as Angie leads worship this morning.  Please give your hearts to worship today.

Where are Pastor Stan & Gevena today? We were both invited to be a part of Calvary Assembly, Milpitas, California’s 60th anniversary as a church, the church we served before we came to Living Waters. It is a high honor. We spent seven and a half years as their pastors. We also have a need to be in Sun City West, AZ this weekend for a Missions Convention at Church on the Green, with Mikey Cheshier as the main speaker, followed by our annual board meeting for our God’s Power & Light Ministries. So, we decided to split our time … The plan: To both attend the Missions Banquet on Saturday night; I’ll catch an early Sunday morning flight to San Jose to attend Calvary’s celebration, and fly back to Phoenix in the evening, while Gevena remains to be a part of the Missions Convention in Sun City West. Our board meeting will be on Monday. Whew! What a whirlwind weekend!

“For by YOU…” A favorite passage of mine is 2 Samuel 22:29-31. It says, “For You are my lamp, O Lord: the Lord shall enlighten my darkness. For by You I can leap over a wall. As for God, His Way is perfect. The Word of the Lord is proven;  He is a shield to all who trust Him.”  

The portion that says, “the Lord shall enlighten my darkness,” speaks to me of the times when we are confused, literally not knowing what to do next. That is a moment of darkness. “Lord, Holy Spirit, please light a lamp through dark, confusing times I’m going through.” The Spirit will be your light on a dark pathway, if you allow Him to lead you.

The next portion is thrilling to me as well. “For by You I can leap over a wall.” There are a lot of spiritual walls surrounding Chaffee County. What do you do when faced with an obstacle so big, so wide, so impossible? You have struggled for years and it seems as if there is no way over or around the mess. What shall you do? Appeal to your Helper, the Holy Spirit. He can give you a lift over the wall, or He may just flatten that wall for you, like the walls of Jericho fell flat, so the armies of Joshua ran unimpeded right over the top of them.

“ As for God, His Way is perfect.” Do things God’s Way. Why? Because if you wait for Him and follow His Way, your way will be perfect. Don’t you like “Perfect?”

Loving You All in Jesus’ Name,

Pastor Stan