“Independence Day: It’s Coming! He’s Coming!”

“Independence Day: It’s Coming! He’s Coming!”

Independence Day! The U.S. could not have declared themselves free of British rule and taxation had it not been for declaring they were dependent on God for everything. Our forefathers were quick to acknowledge God, and sought Him heavily in all they did. Let us once again as individuals, as well as a church, and as a nation declare adamantly, as the old Gospel song does, ”Without Him I can do nothing … without Him, I’d surely fail; without Him, life would be hopeless …” 

There is one more item I would like to direct your thoughts to as I wrIte this short article. It’s Coming! He’s Coming! More quickly than we can imagine, our world is rushing towards end times. The Rapture (snatching away of God’s people from earth and taking them to Heaven) will soon take place, and those who fail to serve God will miss the Rapture and be left behind.

We can’t stop a One World Unification. It’s happening before our very eyes and I/we can’t avoid it. When grocery scanners came out, I avoided the lines. Now I use them. When credit cards came out, I didn’t want them. Now I use them (BUT, I pay them off at the end of every month). When modern TV’s with flat screens, and electronics galore came along, I knew their potential to spy in our homes was theRe. I have one. When Google and Amazon came out with Alexis, etc., I felt they also could spy in our homes. They readily advertise they track your spending patterns. I will do my best to avoid this intrusion in my home. Now companies are rushing to implant employees with a chip that clocks their movements and activities. Whole countries like Sweden are bound and determined to place a chip in every person in their country.

All I can advise is, go back to our Founding Fathers and take their example  to totally lean on the Holy Spirit to guide you through these troubled times, because the Rapture is coming, and He (God) will take His People away from this world.

“Then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great glory.” Mk. 13:26 & 35 “Watch therefore, for yoU do not know when the master of the house is coming — in the evening, at midnight, at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning —”

Jesus is Coming Soon!

Pastor Stan