“In Moments Like These”

“In Moments Like These”

In moments like these I sing out a song,

I sing out a love song to Jesus.

In moments like these I lift up my hands,

I lift up my hands to the Lord.

Singing I love You, Lord.

Singing I love You, Lord.

Singing I love You, Lord,

I love You.

Remember that old chorus? As I was in my time of prayer and Bible reading, this old yet wonderful chorus came to my spirit.  

Dear loved ones;

I declare in Jesus’ Name, that the enemy of your soul is trying to upset you, afflict you, burden you with anger, bitterness, worry, and much more. This is not the first generation to have troubles. It appears to be a losing battle.

 However we have this secret source of strength — A spirit that rises above the storm … A sprit that is disciplined … A spirit that focuses on our God and wonderful Jesus … A spirit that cries out, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your Sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

I must not, you must not, allow the “stuff” of our current world, USA, and Colorado news to distract us to the point that we can’t sing, can’t testify, can’t breathe, or can’t function as God wants us to.

So today, I want you to play a little game as you come into the sanctuary. Walk up to someone. Greet them with a big smile. Then ask them to sing this little chorus out loud with you. You don’t know this chorus? Find someone who does know the chorus, have them sing it to you, OUT LOUD, then join them in singing it.

Wow!  What a joyful way to start church and your week!

Pastor Stan