“In Honor of Women”

“In Honor of Women”

I just have to say, I think women are the greatest!  I have the greatest respect for all females! Who can keep from adoring young girls? They are the cutest! Then they become pre-teen girls. They love to be Tom Boys, doing everything a boy would do. They want to go fishing, hiking, camping, maybe even hunting, oh, and… horseback riding … and why not? Then they grow into young teen age women-in-the-making, and everything is jumbled up for them.  They are half girl, half woman, and it’s awkward for them. Then comes late teens, and hopefully the promise of a mature woman-in-the-making. One more stage — A Dad is suddenly looking at his little girl as she announces, “Mom, Dad, I met this guy, and I love him.” Oh my, talk about turning a Dad’s world upside down!!!  

On this point I disagree: “Girls can do everything a guy can.” That is a feminist approach. God did not expect nor want women to do all that men do. He wanted females to understand they weren’t to compete with man, they were to be different, yet so perfect. So, I believe God wants guys to be all MAN, and girls to be ALL WOMAN! They are to make each other complete. God didn’t make a complete package in Adam, nor did He do so with Eve. If a MAN is really all God intended him to be, and WOMAN is all that God intended her to be, we have a perfect world where they complement each other, and bring out the best in each other.

Unfortunately, with the breakdown of marriages through divorce, I have seen many women trying to fulfill the role of Mom and Dad. You know, kids need both a Godly Mom and Dad to make and reinforce every rule for the household.  They also need a happy marriage of their parents, so they don’t grow up with bad ideas of what Biblical marriage should be like. Many married women have been left with the remains of a rotten marriage. So sad. We should be praying often for single mothers, as well as children of single parent homes.

I hereby propose that all males treat women and girls with the highest of respect. Guys, boys, how about opening car doors for the females in your life, young and old? How about helping with household duties? Give a hand in changing diapers, cooking an occasional meal, helping with the dishes, etc. I guarantee you, most women would enjoy that! Men, boys, how about learning to listen to the girls and women in your life? Take the time to understand what they are talking about.  Support them with their dreams. Stand up for them. Be solid support in every way in their lives. Listen, Mister, if you’re married, be the MAN, and lead your wife in spiritual matters. Don’t just go to the church, but go to the altars. I encourage you men, be found reading your Bibles in front of your wife and kids, or grandkids! So, let us honor our women and girls today, as well as from now on!

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Pastor Stan