“I’m Jazzed about Chaz!”

“I’m Jazzed about Chaz!”

This last week we asked for immediate and earnest prayer for Chaz Gordon as he was to have a very serious heart surgery. I know many of you heard that prayer need and sent earnest prayers to God for his healing and health.

I always love good news, don’t you? Yesterday (9/17/19), Chaz, Suzy and I met at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs. The surgeon was concerned that he had few options on how to enter arteries into his heart. The only option was through his arm. They don’t like to use the artery in the arm, because it is not as big as other arteries. There were other difficulties as well. Long story short … The doc proclaimed the surgery 100% success! I had told the doc that I had prayed that God would guide his hands and carry him beyond his own abilities. That prayer worked, whether he bought into it or not!

Our God is a God of continuing miracles! I believe our Lord heals with a prayer made in faith, but I also know there are times when He uses medical physicians. Well, why didn’t He just heal him? God is a God of infinite variety. If you study the healing miracle encounters with Jesus, they are interesting and filled with variety. Once Jesus spit in the dirt, made clay and put it on the man’s eyes. Another time, Jesus told a father to just go home. “Your daughter is whole.” Sometimes it was the great faith in Jesus by the victim of sickness that provided the environment for healing. Sometimes, the individual didn’t deserve a healing based on their own righteousness, but Jesus healed them anyway.

God is a God of infinite variety. Why? Because He is Sovereign. He doesn’t need to give reasons, and often He doesn’t. Will you choose to trust Him through whatever comes your way? I have chosen to trust Jesus right through the middle of His silence. I have chosen to trust Jesus in the middle of confusion when all seems dark. I choose to trust Jesus when nothing is going right. It’s okay. God is my “Daddy.” He is “Abba Father” = “Dear Daddy!”

There are times of darkness when you see nothing at all when you pray.  There are times when God just simply says, “No!” I still trust Jesus.  

“Don’t I have a right to be mad at God because tragedy happened?” Not if you love Him. “I’m really bitter.” Why was there such devastations because of hurricanes, or gas explosions. Why have so many females been raped and murdered? Why did 9-11 happen? Why? Why? Why?

The devil is a liar. He puts those “Whys” in our souls. If you’re listening to the devil, you are listening to lies. However, the Word of God gives us TRUTH. The Bible instills faith in us. It’s faith food. How much should I trust Him when everything is confusing? Here is what we should do! Trust Jesus in the darkness. Listen for His Voice. Nevertheless, I’m with Job: “Though God slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

Let’s stay ‘jazzed’ about every great thing God has done, and choose to trust Him in the middle of everything else!

We Need to Surrender Our “Whys” and Bless Jesus’ Name!

Pastor Stan