“How Does Bitterness Afflict Your Spirit?”

“How Does Bitterness Afflict Your Spirit?”

I was speaking to a friend this week, and explaining another friend’s spiritual demise. This individual had seen both parents die horrible, painful deaths.  The stumbling question that stood between a desire to serve Jesus Christ, or living a rebellious life was this: “My parents were saints! IF GOD IS SUPPOSED TO BE SO GOOD, THEN WHY DID HE LET THESE RIGHTEOUS WONDERFUL PEOPLE DIE SUCH HORRIBLE, PAINFUL DEATHS?” Down through the years, this individual has allowed bitterness to afflict their soul. It has become the stumbling block of a lifetime. “God can’t be that good, if He allows this kind of suffering.”

When my friend mentioned their deep rooted bitterness, I had a “Holy Spirit Moment”… you know, those times when you don’t think of an answer, you just have an answer, and you know it is a God Answer. I responded to this individual by saying the following:

“You have the short version, and not the long-sighted view as God sees. You are blinded, because you have a rebellious heart and spirit. Here is the truth of the matter. Your parents were indeed Godly people. They were wonderful. If you could talk to them now and ask them about the pain in which they died, they would answer you this way: ‘Oh, child, you still don’t get it, do you? Life had its bitter and sweet moments on earth. We are not mad, we are glad. The moment we walked through the portal of death’s door, we were instantly brought into the arms of Jesus. The moment we felt Jesus hugging us, all of earth’s pains, struggles, and also joys, left us. We haven’t even thought of those days on earth. Up here in Heaven, we have no recollection of bad stuff that happened on earth. You see, in Heaven there is a sign that says, “No Tears Allowed!” Why, when we got to heaven we found the reality of God’s Word come to pass. God Himself wiped away our tears! You see, you are living the short version — Just 60-90 years. Why, up here in Heaven we walk on streets of gold. We never hunger or thirst. We don’t need anything. We don’t have to get a prescription filled. We don’t need food. We don’t even need electricity for lights, because Heaven has Jesus, and He is the Light. We don’t have pain and never cry a tear. Don’t you understand? The pain and troubles were the result of sin. We weren’t perfect. Even though you thought we were saints, we were far from it. God didn’t punish us on earth. We just experienced the curse of sin. Sin was broken from our lives as we served Jesus, but we still endured pain and suffering. Even Jesus suffered greatly on this earth when He went to the Cross. Jesus went to the Cross, so you could be free of pain and the curse of bitterness. Our dear child, we would love to walk you through your bitterness, but you see, we are on the other side now. So listen to those who tell you God’s Words of life. Come join us soon! It is so great up here! Pain? Suffering? We can’t even remember that now!’”

I told my friend this. They gave their heart to Jesus!

Advice — Refuse Bitterness in Your Life!

Pastor Stan