“Holiday? Hope? Healing?”

“Holiday? Hope? Healing?”

Happy Independence Day weekend! Well over two centuries ago, our beloved USA declared independence from Great Britain. It was a tenuous time … A time of rebellion, chaos, rioting, and war.

Are there similarities to the beginning of the USA and the 21st Century mess we have in the USA today? The rebellion, chaos, and rioting have similar overtones. What was different then was the motivation behind the creation of the USA. They wanted their own country and freedom to worship, liberty and justice for all, and so forth. The beginnings of the USA were noble. The current rebellions — CHOP, killing police, injustices to racial inequities — are so different today.

Here in ”whiteysville,” we can’t quite wrap our minds around social issues. Have certain ethnicities really suffered? If you live, or have lived in the Southern US, you have possibly seen the suffering first-hand. I grew up in Wyoming and had no understanding of issues such as these. Personally, skin color makes no difference to me. I look at people, and just love them for who they are.

What is different on July 5, 2020 is the source of evil behind the chaos and division in the USA. It is evil directly from the pits of hell. Solution? Plead the Blood of Jesus over our world. Jesus is our only cure!

I maintain the solution to current USA quagmire is the RED BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST! Jesus is peace, joy, contentment, and our Promise Giver all wrapped in one! Jesus will cure division, rebellion, chaos, rioting and more. 

What This World Needs is Jesus!

Pastor Stan