“Heaven is Sounding Sweeter All the Time …

“Heaven is Sounding Sweeter All the Time …

  seems like lately Heaven is always on my mind.”

Today I did a presentation at an assisted living facility with “Gramps & Pastor Stan’s Gospel Story Hour.” Gramps, my ventriloquist puppet who thinks I am his assistant, decided to talk about Heaven. Gramps was telling Pastor Stan about his lifetime of offering hope to those who seemed to have one foot outside of Heaven and one foot on this earth.

I remembered an incident that happened during the pastorate we had between 1992 and 2002. It was a very sad day. We were on vacation in Missouri,  where we stopped in Carthage, Missouri to visit the Precious Moments facility.  Precious Moments is a Christian company that produces cute little figurines of angels, etc. I received the call. A wonderful single mother in our church and her children were fishing off of a road that had a bridge on it. They were casting their line into the slow moving river below. It was a carefree day for them. Suddenly, a drunk driver swooped onto the bridge, hitting the family and killing the single Mom and one of her children. The other child was severely injured. We loved that little family. They were all very sweet.  

My quandary: What words of comfort could I give to my church family and the terribly wounded child who was left with no mother, and without a sibling?  When we walked into that Precious Moments museum, I was asking the Holy Spirit for a message from God for this poor surviving, but very injured child. The museum was quite large and as we walked into one room there was an angelic figurine standing at a white picket fence. There was a cockeyed sign hanging on the fence with these words: “No tears allowed!” The little angel had a box of Kleenex, handing them out to people as they entered the gate that would take them to Heaven. I knew then God’s Spirit had spoken to me. On the day of the funeral with a large gathering at our church, our funeral director spoke to me in confidence. “This is going to be a tough one!   

However, as I spoke through tears, God’s peace was with me. I spoke confidently. I didn’t respond to the obvious “elephant in the room” … you know, the question,Why?” I addressed the surviving child by coming down off the platform and sitting beside him. I hugged him, kissed his cheek and told him about Momma’s new home in Heaven. I’ll never forget the hope it brought to that child.

At the assisted living center, as “Gramps” told Pastor Stan about the hope we have in Heaven, I could see that same joy on my group of seniors.  

You know, Heaven is sounding sweeter all the time!” We have a home prepared for us in Heaven. When you are filled with sorrow and feel depressed,  remember another old song: “Just over in the Glory land, I’ll join the happy angel band …”

WOW! What a Future the Saints of God Have!

Pastor Stan