“Heartbreak City!”

“Heartbreak City!”

A few weeks ago I visited with a woman and her husband who had legally immigrated from the Ukraine. They loved the Ukraine and they have so many friends and family there. The wife complained about how hard you have to work in the US to make a living. If she was in Ukraine, she would have retired at 50-something, then she could have relaxed and taken it easy. Now, she breaks down weeping over lost loved ones, friends and family. She is in tears about the theater that was destroyed while people were in it. The cultural events, the way of life … it is all destroyed. I listened to her story. I felt her sorrow. She kept getting louder with her words. Other people were listening and weren’t close enough to hear the verbal exchange, but they knew something was up. “Why could God treat my people that way? Who is Putin anyway? Why do they treat Putin as if he is a big man when all he is, is a rich bully!” I didn’t even attempt to answer any questions.

Finally, when she had vented her sorrow I was relieved. I called her by name. “Do you see my last name? Rutkowski. I, too, have lost family members. My Polish family went to the gas chambers. My grandparents jumped on a ship headed for America. They were single and knew that they had to be married before they got off the ship or they would be taken back to Poland.  So women lined up one side of the ship and the Polish single men came along to each woman, and after a few minutes of conversation, they would ask if they would marry them. They had to get off as a couple on Ellis Island and sign in that they were married. They moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. It was a rough beginning. Then came four kids, and my Grandpa died leaving Grandma to raise them alone. She was one tired woman by time she got them raised.”

You know, all communities can be Heartbreak City. There will always be a heartbreak handed to you, if you allow it to be so. Any community, any lifestyle, can be so very disappointing if you don’t have something to look for. Here is the secret to a life enjoyed on this earth. “But they were looking for a better place, a heavenly homeland. That is why God is not ashamed to be called their God.”  Hebrews 11:16  You see, we are not really citizens of earth; we believers are going to dwell in Heaven, a place where Jesus will be the SON Light. No more tears, sorrow or pain. In fact God Himself will wipe away our tears.

I agree. This world is full of heartbreak. You may feel like you live in Heartbreak City, but there is coming a day when all sorrow will be gone.

I Wait Anxiously for Jesus’ Return!

Pastor Stan Rutkowski