“He Does All Things Well” (Mark 7:37)

“He Does All Things Well” (Mark 7:37)

Yes, I know, I preached on this subject on 7-7-19. Bear with me as I reflect a little more on this powerful statement regarding God’s character. I was talking to one of our friends from a church we pastored. She reminded us of an incident that happened at Colville Assembly of God, Colville, WA. We pastored this church for 10 years.

Sharon Wilson was a faithful participant in our church. She helped to lead Women’s Ministries. Her husband, John, was an outstanding man. He had 2,000 men/women who worked for him. He was a “beer-a-holic.” He would drink three six packs a day of beer, yet never appeared drunk. However, he had an acid tongue.  His work force was scared to death of him. His wife, Sharon, suffered verbal abuse for many years.

Sharon couldn’t take it anymore and left John. The next day, John (who had never attended our church) came to my office. He demanded, “Pastor Stan, I want my wife back! I need your help.” Prophetically I said to him (although I didn’t know it was prophetic at the time), “If you will do these things, God will give you back Sharon as your wife in one year!

“John, you will never lie to me. You will be in my office every week so I may give you Godly wisdom. You have had your last drink. You will never miss church when these church doors are open. You will accept Christ as your Savior and confess your sins today, meaning right now!” He looked at me, square in the eye, and said, “I can do that!” At the time, I didn’t know John very well. However, John was one of the most amazing men I have ever met! He kept every one of those commitments for the next year! It was a very exhausting year for me. 

Over that year, things began to change. Sharon barged into my office one day. “How dare you interfere in my marriage! I can’t stand John. He’s hurt me too deeply. I want out of this marriage!”

However, in a phone conversation our friend reminded me of John and Sharon’s miracle. It literally was one year later that John & Sharon stood at the end of the service, after I had preached a message entitled, “The God of Second Chances.” We renewed their wedding vows (the divorce was never finalized) before our cheering church family. We had cake, punch, and the biggest reception we could put together for the two of them. Then they went on a second honeymoon.

Now, dear ones, God does all things well! How wonderful is our big God?  The old Gospel song put it this way, “He’s big enough to rule the mighty universe, yet small enough to live within our hearts!”

Have courage, dear ones,

God is doing all things well for you, too!

Pastor Stan