Happy Mother’s Day, and Other Stuff!

Happy Mother’s Day, and Other Stuff!

Today, we celebrate Mothers! What spectacular human beings they are! Every living human had a mother … except Adam & Eve! Even Jesus had a “Mommy!” Truly, they are a gift from God. While there are some unfortunates in our society, most of us would agree that moms are just the greatest. To those of you who lost your birth mother when a child or teen, may God give you comfort. If your mother was mean and didn’t model a Proverbs 31 woman, may Jesus be your everything. To those of you who have experienced the loss of your mom, may you understand God’s loving care is extended to you.

Concerning my mother, she was the best. Oh she had her quirks, but she made sure I walked the straight and narrow! She honored our Lord Jesus Christ and kept commitments she made as a young lady to serve Jesus until her dying day.

Speaking of loss, Mom/Pastor Gevena lost her baby sister this week on Monday. Her sister, LaVeda, was age 61. She would have been 62 on May 11. She had lived many years in an institution for those with special needs. As you read this, we will have already traveled to Winfield, Kansas, (40 miles southeast of Wichita) for the funeral. I was honored to preach a service for her.

Concerning the other “stuff,” I wanted to bring the plight of Israel and the Palestinians to your attention. Israel is entering its fifth year of record-breaking drought. The Dead Sea has dropped 81 feet. The Sea of Galilea is at a historic low. Municipal water systems can only provide water to many homes for a few hours a week! Water is a main source of providing electricity through dams, but alas, there is no water to move turbines that generate electricity. What is the significance of this? Please note this prophetic statement fro the Bible in the Old Testament: “The poor and the needy search for water, but there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. But I the Lord will answer them; I, the Lord God of Israel will not forsake them.”   Isaiah 41:17

Pastor Stan Rutkowski