“Happy Father’s Day!”

“Happy Father’s Day!”

I often congratulate young boys by telling them, “You are going to grow and be a fine man of God! You were made to be a man after God’s own heart. Someday, your sons and daughters will look up to you and think you are the greatest hero on the face of the earth.”

Every male has the potential to become more than a sperm donor. God made you to become a man after your Father’s own heart. Abba Father, “DEAR DADDY,” has dreams for all males. Papa wants you to know that His dream for your exceeds all of what you are right now. In fact, it would shock you if you could see all that ABBA has in mind for you.

I think I understand the pressures that are on men today. You work hard.  Money and work pressures weigh heavily on you. If you would admit it, you are probably tired and don’t know what to do with your weariness.  


  1. LOVE
  • Love God, your personal Father, who is the greatest example of being a great Papa.  
  • When you feel like you don’t know how to love, send a prayer towards Papa, and make a request, “Help me to love like you loved. You gave more than you took. I want to be that kind of man.”
  • That’s a tough one! We tend to open our mouth after a few words, and solve the world’s problems … you know … we can fix everything, right?
  • What your family needs is for you to listen to them. You don’t need to solve everything, as much as you need to LISTEN.
  • Please know, your Papa in Heaven is listening, waiting for you to talk to Him. You would be surprised how much He can help you, if you would just share in a conversation what you’re going through. Father God could help you become a great listener.
  1. LEAD
  • Too many men give the leadership role to their wives. Most wives would back their men 100%, if the guy sat down and proclaimed, “Today, I am going to read the Bible to you! Just listen to me. We are going to go as a family to church.” Your family is waiting for you to lead them in the ways of God.
  • Lead by example. Instead of telling those around you what they should be doing, how about leading by example.

If you feel inadequate in these areas, your Papa in Heaven is waiting for you to ask for help.

He Won’t Disappoint You!

Pastor Stan