“God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit”

“God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit”

Talk about a hard to understand subject — The Triune God. Once again, it is by faith we accept what God has said in His Word. We accept His Words on the basis of, “God said it, I believe it, that settles it!” In other words, we accept a Triune God, just simply because it is in the Word.

I really get amused, yet frustrated, at those who have this thought and life pattern: I have to figure out for myself all the religions of the world. After I study, then I will make a decision whom I will serve and how dedicated I will be in my service to my god. Good luck! I wish you well, O, master of your own destiny, because your luck isn’t going to treat you well. Nor is your mind so powerful and understanding that you, as a finite, earthly being, who had a beginning (and yes, you will have an ending) will find out to your sad surprise that all your studies with the great minds of this life will wind in a heap at death, called hell! Ouch!

Who is this Trinity? How can we understand it? Simply put, it is God in three parts. My last name is Rutkowski. I have three sons, likewise named Rutkowski. Are they are a carbon copy of Dad? Do they do the same thing in life?  No! They bear the family name, but one son is occupied by his profession and duties. He is so different than the other two boys and what they do, etc. One is quite a mechanical genius. He understands how things work, and how to make them work right. Another son manages people, and the people who work for him love him … as long as they do what he asks of them. He will keep his word … if they are lazy, lie, or steal, they won’t be his employee for long. The third boy is a highly educated, extremely sharp mover and shaker. Yet they are all Rutkowski’s. So different, but they are tied by my name.

So is the Trinity: God (last name) Father God, Son God, Holy Spirit God.

      • God the Father — Function: “Creator of all.” What has He done? He thought up a salvation plan, after man sinned against Him and destroyed Paradise. He loves us so much, He gave His only Son to redeem us from our sins.
      • God, the SonFunction: He bought salvation. The sins of the whole world were laid on His body. Yet, He begged Father not to lay sin to the charge of guilty mankind. Jesus paid it ALL.  
      • God, the Holy Spirit — He brought salvation, perfect, without sin, Son of God had the sins of this world. Holy Spirit convicts, teaches, and is our wonderful Helper.

To whom should I pray? All three! Is one insulted if I pray to the other? No.  If all three of my boys were present, and someone yelled, “Hey, Rutkowski!” they would all turn and answer the beckoning call.

Thus your loving Trinity was masterminded by Father. They always were, they always are, they always will be! Conclusion …

Thank God for the Trinity!

Pastor Stan