“God is Sovereign! God is Omnipotent!”

“God is Sovereign! God is Omnipotent!”

Where and when do we lay aside our doubts, simply placing our needs before our Jesus, expecting a miracle?

It seems like we have become greatly weakened as the Body of Christ. No longer do many pray for miracles. We have given up on many  prayer projects, because it seems like nothing has happened, therefore nothing will happen. We add to the mix as we have less church time, less prayer time on our knees, less unity, less alone time with God in our prayer closets, and less bold praying. At the same time, we have more doubt, more evil that we must live with, more preoccupation with stuff, busy-ness, more distractions, and wickedness seems more dominant than ever before.  We seem to fill any extra moments we have with TV, cell phones, electronic games, iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, etc.

I think God must look down on His earth and shed tears at the hard-hearted sinner and the weak knees of 21st Century Christians. He has done so much for us, and we do so little for Him. We sing, “I’ll go where You want me to go, dear Lord. I’ll say what You me to say.” But, when God decides to take us up on that commitment, we gripe, complain, and run and hide our head in the sand, lest we have to do what He asks of us. It’s easy to get the “Jonah Syndrome,” isn’t it?

I am suggesting you spend more time with your Jesus. Rejoice in what He has done. Read His Words without distractions. Thank Him for what He has done. Thank Him for what He is going to do. Start singing again … that is, the praises to God. Practice in the shower. Testify to others!  When people ask, “How are you?” get the biggest smile on your face, and yell out, “Better than I deserve! Jesus saved me, blessed me, healed my body, set me free from sin, and promises me a home in Heaven!” That will shock people if you say it out loud in WalMart!

Then, bring your burden and needs to the Lord. He is sovereign!  He is all powerful. He can do more than you can imagine.

Let Us Expect Miracles!

Pastor Stan