“God is NOT Predictable!”

“God is NOT Predictable!”

Have you ever had occasion to be surprised by God?  I have … in fact many times He has surprised me.

Consider the following:

  • God is always able to do the impossible.
  • It is consistent with God’s dealings with man that sometimes He will deliver you from suffering, and yet at times He lets you suffer.
  • What happens to you may not happen to another.
  • What happened in God’s dealings with you may have happened one time, but may not happen that way the next time.
  • Throughout life, you will find God’s dealings with you and your circumstances UNPREDICTABLE … yet, God’s character and promises are always the same.
  • You can’t put Good in a box — He is bigger and more complicated than we can understand.
  • Relax! Don’t blame yourself for every trial or sickness, as if they are all your fault. 
  • You should not question everything God does, when it is out of your control and it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it should.
  • Learn to wait without grumbling. His ways are beyond your thinking and imagination. In fact, “His ways are not your ways!”
  • Often, God leads us into adventure to test our faith and character.  RELAX AND BE AT PEACE.
  • SOMETIMES, no often, God has a better plan. He may do more for you than you ever thought possible.
  • What matters is the BIG picture — God is desiring to give you a life organized by God Himself!

Are you confused? Why not decide to fall to your knees and tell your loving Heavenly Father ALL about it. He is listening.

Stop pushing the “Panic Button.” You are a specially purchased Child of God. He paid your debt load of sin by giving His only Son, Jesus Christ. With such a cost factor, you can be well assured, He loves you, He loves you, He loves you!

Pastor Stan