“God is in Charge!”

“God is in Charge!”

There is an amazing amount of chaos this Christmas 2020. It seems like this last decade or two of Christmas seasons have become more turbulent as the years go by. Everything seems to be interrupted, postponed, or dropped.

Why am I thankful? This may not seem like an appropriate reason to be thankful, but I am so happy we don’t live in LA County, California where the Mayor has demanded that you can’t even go outside and walk, ride a bike, etc., etc.! Or New York City, or … Well, I expect you get the point!

Or, we could be living in the Congo where Muslim militants have killed 20 Christians. One Congolese Pastor saw his wife and four children killed before his eyes, because they refused to convert to Islam. Or, down in Mexico, where they are in severe drought, and are barely surviving on the corn that’s being purchased for them to cook. The amount of food the Indians are given through Raven Ministries (Phil & Cheryl Neely) is barely enough to exist on! 

Humm, that doesn’t sound like a good Christmas at all, does it? You know I’m not sure times were any less turbulent when Jesus was introduced by glorious birth from a virgin, Mary! The Romans had instructed their version of the USA IRS to tax all Jewish people. They had to travel, no matter how inconvenient, to their home area and present themselves in person and be taxed! Even the infirmed, weak, aged, and sick ones had to show up! What a burden!

Didn’t Joseph and Mary have enough issues going on? Joseph was still reeling with the news that his wife, Mary, was pregnant, and he wasn’t the father of the child. Mary, was wondering, “How am I going to explain this pregnancy to the Women’s Sewing Circle?” Mary’s only female refuge and confident was her cousin Elizabeth, who likewise had an embarrassing, but happy, pregnancy. Everyone knew Zacharias and Elizabeth were well past child birthing years. Oh my, the gossip mill must have been active! “Did you hear about Zacharias and Elizabeth? Joseph and Mary haven’t even finalized the marriage, but she’s pregnant. This is just pure scandal and sinful!”

Then the long, arduous trip to Bethlehem with Mary being 9 months pregnant … and her first child, too, riding a donkey in that delicate condition! I can hear Joseph saying, “Mary, I know your back is hurting, and you are so tired, but we will get you a room as soon as we arrive in Bethlehem … I promise!” Joseph went to Bethlehem Motel 6. “Sorry, no vacancy.” Then the Holiday Inn. “I’m sorry there are no vacancies.” “Madam, my wife is 9 months pregnant!” “I’m sorry, you should have called ahead and made reservations. Oh, wait a minute … my Dad is a farmer. Their house isn’t very big, and the barn is cold and drafty, but it would be a place!” “I’ll take it!” said Joseph. “Uh, honey, we have a wonderful place to go … it’s aromatic, and smells so wonderful and earthy!““Joseph, it will be fine.” Was Mary in for a surprise! The God of surprises had it all worked out!

It’s Ok in December 2020! God is in Charge!

Pastor Stan