“Give ‘IT’ Up Front”

“Give ‘IT’ Up Front”

What is “IT”? I’m so glad you asked. “IT” can mean any number of things. “IT” is a word used to describe something previously mentioned. I’m sure “IT” has been mentioned this week in your conversations with family or friends, or perhaps even when there are no friends or family, and you’re feeing pretty down, because you don’t know what to do with “IT.”

Does it sound like I’ve been up all night and going in circles as I work on this? I guess I had better explain “IT.” We are having an “IT” _________ dinner after this morning’s service … the word “IT” refers to a Church Thanksgiving Dinner.  Entrance fee for this dinner is that you tell people what you are thankful for. I mean, walk up to someone and just start a conversation with them. “Today I am giving thanks for ______________,” and then tell them why you are giving thanks!

We have so much to be thankful for:  

  • God’s amazing love and grace
  • God’s constant care for His people
  • God sent Jesus to die for us
  • God’s Holiness
  • God has never lied
  • Etc.

However, I want to challenge you to do something that will make your Lord Jesus Christ very happy. You know the one prayer you have made over and over, and yet you haven’t received an answer. This is how we practice this discipline: We start praising Jesus for the answers, before He gives the answer to us!

    • Lord, I praise You because You have everything under Your control.
    • Lord Jesus, thank you in advance for bringing my unsaved loved ones back to You.
    • Jesus, I praise You, because you have a living love letter, the Bible, which speaks to any and every need. Your Bible, our love letter, addresses my past, my present, and my future!
    • Jesus, I praise You, because of the fact that You did die a death You didn’t deserve.
    • And Jesus, I praise You, because just when the devil thought he had killed You, and IT was all over, three days later You came out of the grave, and proved You are Lord!
    • We praise You now, Jesus, for a grown up Living Waters church. We praise You that our church is filled with: Presence, Power, People, Prayer, Provision, Passion, Praise, and Pentecost.

Give “IT” Up Front,

Pastor Stan