“Forty-Nine Years of Marriage and Still Blessed”

“Forty-Nine Years of Marriage and Still Blessed”

On June 5, 1970 Gevena and I were found at First Assembly of God, Winfield, Kansas where we both promised, “I Do!” before God and man. This promise that we would faithfully keep each other only unto ourselves, to love honor and protect, to walk together in God’s work, to co-labor in His harvest field, to make each other’s family our family …Wow! What a commitment! Now it is 49 years later. Has it been easy? Yes! Have we had challenging moments where our world has been threatened by troubles and trails? Yes, but we have had God walking through these moments. Sickness, and tough times? Sure. Uncertainty of what the future held? Of course. However, we started this journey, holding each other’s hands, and declaring, “Together, we can do and accomplish anything the Lord asks us to do!”

There are reasons why it has worked to be happily married:

  • God has always been #1. Not perfectly, but consistently we have prayed together, studied God’s Word together, and done our best to ask ourselves if we were placing God #1. Mt. 6:33“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. He has certainly added more fullness into our lives than we could have ever imagined.
  • We have never allowed anything or anyone to come between us, not even our wonderful boys. They knew up front: If Mom said it, it was law. If dad spoke it, he won’t back down, and Mom will agree with him, or vice a versa. If we as husband and wife disagreed, we settled those matters in private. Ministry was not as important as family. Oh, ministry was so very important, but nothing outside of God would be more important than raising three boys in God’s ways. Ministry was not more important than marriage.
  • We have always prayed together— When the boys were at home, we had devotions as a family. As a couple, we always spend time in prayer every day. We have stayed together because of this.  
  • We still take time to go on a date — A walk, a meal, a vacation, whatever. We have taken time for each other. At the same time, we try to understand that we each need space to enjoy what we individually like to do.

We look forward to 50 years together, and beyond! The final  chapter has not been written! 

Pastor Stan