“Father’s Day 2019”

“Father’s Day 2019”

I love all the special days of the year: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day … Well, you know the rest of them, don’t you?

Okay, so now it’s Father’s Day.  Let us give some credit to real men. Men like Abraham, the Father of our Faith in God. He was labeled a Friend of God.” … Moses was chosen to lead the Israelites, a back biting bunch of commandment-breakers, for 40 years as they wandered through the wilderness …  Daniel, refused to forsake God.  He prayed three times a day, knowing there would be great punishment for being faithful to serve Jehovah.  Daniel was thrown to the lion’s den for being so faithful to God.  My theory is the lions refused to eat Daniel because he had so much spiritual backbone.

Another man? How about Peter, The Mouth? He was a failure in so many ways. His braggadocios mouth claimed, “Jesus, I will never forsake you. Everyone else may leave you, but I will always stay by your side!” However, Peter failed big time. Three times he denied Christ under pressure.  After the Resurrection, Jesus sought out “Peter, the Failure.” “Simon, do you love Me?” “Yes, Lord you know I love you!” “Then feed my sheep!” challenged Jesus. Peter rose out of his shameful failure and became the most powerful force for the Kingdom of God.

Let’s look at one more Real Man — Saul, the Christian killer. He was a religious bigot. However, God in His mercy reached to this worm of a man. Saul repented. God held him to an exacting life … Shipwrecks, beatings, prison time, death threats, more beatings, etc. However, Saul became Paul, the Man of God. He was faithful to his death. Once Paul came to Christ, he never turned his back on promises made to Jesus.

Now we consider 21st Century males. Are there any more real men to be found? Oh, yes, Jesus is still building real men! They come in all sizes and shapes, but Jesus has been making males into men for centuries!

Ladies, you find a male, and pray them into manhood. God can make any male into a man!  

Hey, Guys, Let Us Become the MEN God Dreams Us to Be! 

Pastor Stan