“Fast … Pray … Cross”

“Fast … Pray … Cross”

Happy Birthday (yesterday), Pastor Gevena! Lady G has graced my life for many years. I am a most privileged man to be married to my sweet lady. So, wish Lady G a Happy Birthday today.

Last Sunday, I gave a word from the Holy Spirit in a message that we were to be involved in three duties:

    • Fast  In order to do as we have been commanded, this Sunday, at the conclusion of our Sunday morning worship service we will do a “Fast Feast,” meaning we will give up our noon meal so we may spend an hour feasting in our relationship with Jesus. It will be a time to cleanse our souls of sin through repentance, lay our burdens at Jesus feet, and seek our Lord to return the prodigal, AKA, those who have left Jesus behind in search of worldly relationships, while deserting Jesus.

Please join us for this time of seeking Jesus! Surely, we can give Him this hour, right? It is the only way we are going to see a spiritual breakthrough!

    • PrayYou may feel inadequate in your prayer life. However, corporate prayer and fasting contains a power that is amazing. Now you are not praying alone; you are praying with others of like faith. The Book of Acts 2 describes it this way, “They were in one accord (wanting the same thing) in one place.”  The time will not be boring, I promise you.
    • Cross“Take up your cross,” Jesus instructs us. Many are so concerned about the suffering we experience in this life. Jesus suffered, too (on the Cross), and considered it a privilege. Yes, it’s true, life isn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that Jesus laid His life down, either. He did so without complaint. Crosses should be born with joy.

One woman we know has lost two wonderful God-loving husbands to sickness. The Holy Spirit instructed her, “I want you to do two things: 1) Complain only to ME. 2) Maintain your joy in your relationship to Jesus.”  Her testimony is this:  “God is healing me!”

See ya after church this morning, right?

Pastor Stan