“Farewell Edition …”

“Farewell Edition …”

Oh, dear church family:  It has been our joy to be your Pastors for these last 8.5 years. It marks the end of an era for us. We have served 51 years as pastors in Assemblies of God churches.  

I remember the first time we drove onto the church lot.  We had never been to Salida before. I was enchanted with the mountain scenery. Our two prior churches were New York City (right after 9-11), and then we moved to the West coast for another 7 1/2 years in San Jose, CA. At the point of leaving the San Jose area, I made my request: “Lord, I need a break. We want to go home to Colorado so we can be near our children.” I also wanted a church where I didn’t have to put out fires all the time.

God sent us to you as a church family, and we were sent to you as Pastors. It was God’s gift to us and to you.

Now we depart, having grown richer because of each of you. It hasn’t always been easy, but we have made it work.  We say, “Good Bye,” but it is only temporary. If you have accepted Jesus and followed Him closely, we will spend eternity with you.

As surely as we were sent to you, we are being sent away from you. Our task is to put our full effort to go and do missions. We are not young sprouts, but we are healthy and have the tools to reach those who have never heard.

We love you – We won’t forget you – We will pray for you.

Love & Prayers,

Pastor Stan & Gevena