This week we had the privilege of hosting family in our home. Our youngest son, Tony, his wife, Sara and their sons, Wade and Will came over from Grand Junction. In addition to them, our middle son and his family, Adam, Angi and their kids, Britt, Madi, & Nate gathered at the dinner table. (KK, now married was absent, but still very much a part of the family.) It was a grand, glorious time for us. Also, missing was our eldest son and his family, Robert and Connie. We busily cleaned house, prepared food, and served. It was a busy, but great time for us.

Sara is getting ordained with the Assemblies of God at Rocky Mountain District Council this year in Pueblo. It’s a huge step following years of ministry, as well as much study. Her role is unique in ministry. She and Tony minister to the cowboy culture. They have been involved in a church for people who seem a bit out of touch with many in today’s world. Cowboys just look at life differently — Not bad, just different. As her final step in preparation for ordination, Tony and Sara had to go to the district office in Colorado Springs for an interview with the Rocky Mountain Assemblies of God leadership, followed by a dinner afterwards. While in the Springs, they were able to complete the passport application process for their youngest son, so he could travel with part of his family to Mexico in March with Pastors Phil and Cheryl Neely. They are making tentative plans to go to Africa with us next year.

Our middle son, Adam, and his family are moving to Peyton, Colorado to a larger house. So, we had a family gathering. It was a joy to see cousins laugh and have a good time, even though one family is “City folks” and one family is “Country folks.” It made no difference; they were family. Two brothers spoke like the best of friends and their wives are like sisters. They all serve Jesus with great devotion and love. Our oldest son, likewise, leads his family as a man of God. What a miracle!

“Pastor, how did you raise three sons who serve the Lord and lead their families in the ways of God?” We were very consistent. Gevena and I have never allowed any other way in our home. What we said, we did. We have prayed consistently for them. Family devotions and church attendance were never optional.  We made a home for the boys, no matter where God led us in ministry. Family was as important as ministry. The boys were not left as orphans while their parents went out in ministry.

Was it worth it? Oh, yes, yes, yes! As we watched 2/3 of our family this week, laughing and loving each other, we know they are ready to meet Jesus. If your family is not all together in Jesus, keep praying, fasting, and believing God. They can and will come to a surrendered life in Jesus, as you serve and love Jesus.

God promises and delivers when

we pray for our family members!

Pastor Stan