“Don’t Forget!”

“Don’t Forget!”

This last week we announced the great news of our mortgage being paid off! If we allow ourselves to give only a simple, “Thank you!” last Sunday, we are missing the great dynamic of this spiritual victory.  

Please don’t forget! Lift your voice in a new discipline of praise to our Lord, who makes all giant obstacles a “… small thing in the sight of God.”  You may be thinking, “That’s a great thing for the church, but what about me and what I’m going through?” Your God, Jehovah, is so mighty, He can bring the giants in your personal lives to their knees. Remember, it is a “… small thing in the sight of God!” We are all guilty of being so overwhelmed with personal problems that we lose sight of the great need to praise the Lord at every turn of life.

Solution: Let us try a new focus. Every time you want to say, “Oh shoot!” because you are frustrated, instead look up and proclaim, “Thank you Jesus, you still have my back!”

The Spirit of violence unleashed on USA and the world:

Massacres are nothing new in the world, and now the USA. Christians need to do something about this! We need to intercede that God’s Light will penetrate the darkness of violence that has been unleashed. We need to unleash the intercession of the saints of God. Plead the Blood of Jesus over our nation, our President, and political leadership in the USA. Plead the Blood of  Jesus over our world and Christians around the world who are facing persecution in all forms. World-wide violence against Christians has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. Overseas, violence has become a way of life.  Israel faces violence everyday from their enemies.

Extremists come in all forms. White nationalists are not new. They think the USA should belong only to whites. My response is, all humanity bleeds red.  Jesus died for ALL PEOPLE! Let us claim this passage from God’s Word:  “Violence shall no longer be heard in our land, neither wasting nor destruction within our borders; but we shall call our walls Salvation, and our gates Praise.”  Isaiah 60:18. NKJV

Let us pray concerning the true root of evil: “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”  Luke 8:17. NKJV

I call us all to a new emphasis on Prayer & Praise!

Pastor Stan