“Does God Play Favorites?”

“Does God Play Favorites?”

First of all, be sure to greet “Lady G” = Gevena with a big “Happy Birthday!” Today is her birthday! She is getting better and wiser, everyday. She walks in quiet confidence and faith that God is always in control. She is one you can always trust, and she keeps confidences better than anyone I know. If you’re wondering about the “Lady G” title, that is what she was called in our last church.

I was just wondering … Have you closed yourself off to God’s miracles? Is there a certain disappointment that others have had miracles happen, but you haven’t? Perhaps there is even a little jealousy. “God works for them, but not me!”

Who do you suppose would plant such suggestions in your head? Not God for sure! I believe such negative thoughts are planted in us as seeds of doubt grow,  created by our lack of relationship with our Father.

There are many, many passages in the Bible that prove God plays favorites, but is very inclusive, as well. Let me explain. “Whoever” and “all” are commonly used words in the Bible. Consider this verse in Acts 10:43. “To Him all the prophets witness that, through His Name, WHOEVER, believes in Him will receive remission of sins.” There are many, many promises that salvation is available for everyone who calls out in faith, regardless of what sins they have committed, and they can be saved.

You may ask, “But what about healings and miracles of provision?” On this subject I have to admit, God does play favorites! And you may respond, “AHA, I am right! God does love some better than others.” I will simply say, God responds very favorably to the following:

  • Faith — “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.” Hebrews 11:6When I pray for some people, I know before I even pray for them, they will be healed,  You can feel their faith oozing from every fiber of their being. Others come for prayer with this kind of an attitude, “Yeah, whatever! Maybe I’ll get lucky today.”
  • Praise and Worship filled life — I’m going to respond more easily to a grandchild that really loves me. They absolutely love Grandpa! They write thank you notes. They call. They seem thrilled to hear from me. Hugs are generous.  Don’t you think Papa in Heaven would respond the same way? God loves to have people say, “Thank you!” He loves a grateful heart!
  • Obedience — “It is better to obey than sacrifice.” God responds better to those who love Him enough to be careful with the way they live their lives. God blesses obedience and holy living.

Yes, God does play favorites, but He does love everyone!

Pastor Stan