“Do You Fear or Celebrate the Future?”

“Do You Fear or Celebrate the Future?”

In these uncertain times, I think that is a legitimate question to be asking. Should we fear or celebrate the future?

Many are wringing their hands about the eve of November 3, 2020 — you know, the day you vote — and how the US and World will react to the news of who our US President will be. If they favor the Democrats, they will be in glee over their new President, if he/she wins. If they favor the Republicans, they will cheer and celebrate, if their man is returned to office. Do I personally have a preference over who our next US President will be? Of course!


However, a deeper question might be: “What is going to happen post-election?”  

  • Expect an even greater amount of rioting in our streets! Persecution of churches and Christians may reach an all time high. If those opposed to Jesus’ ministries have their way, churches will lose their tax exempt status, as well as other blessings we now have.
  • Expect a timid attitude from many who call themselves Christians. They will be even more reluctant to go to church. There will be many who assume this  attitude: “Going to church anymore is just simply not worth the grief I can expect.”  
  • Expect more of these sentiments: “I can worship God at home, in the mountains, or just being with my family.” “This virus is not worth the risk of going to church until it is completely over.”

Am I actually saying there could be something to celebrate? Absolutely! 

Luke 21:28 says, “Now when these things happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

  • Jesus is coming sooner than you might think!
  • You are not just a citizen of this earth! As a “Jesus Blood-Purchased Child of God,” you have your whole future ahead of you. Yes, it is an eternal future, and God has an eternal home prepared for you!”
  • Nothing that happens in this world has taken your Father God in Heaven by surprise — The virus crud, the Presidential election and outcome.  Relax! Jesus has come that you might have life and have that life abundantly.

As for me and my wonderful wife, Gevena, I will always choose to celebrate, even when the future seems uncertain on an earthly level. 

Let us choose to celebrate in these times we live in,

Pastor Stan