“Do Christians Need to Repent of Sin?”

“Do Christians Need to Repent of Sin?”

And what does this have to do with Independence Day? Shouldn’t we be addressing July 4th and our great nation of the USA? Well, let’s see where this little article goes.

I was reading Leviticus today. It says: (Lev. 15:15). “If a person commits a trespass, and sins unintentionally in regard to the holy things of the Lord, then he shall bring the Lord as his trespass offering a ram without blemish from the flocks, with your valuation in shekels of silver, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, as a trespass offering.”

I felt really convicted that we need to repent on behalf of ourselves and our nation for the many sins that we are unaware of (unintentional). Let me give you some examples:

  • The US (according to Fox News) is the #1 producer of human trafficking (Sex slave trade).
  • The US is a huge offender and user of pornographic materials.
  • The US is consumed with lust and greed!!
  • The US is guilty of allowing evil to rise in our country at startling advances.
  • The US is guilty of allowing good Christian values to be ignored.
  • The US is guilty of allowing great hosts of people trying to stamp out any mention of God.
  • The US is guilty of not being patriotic — Refusing to say a Pledge of Allegiance.
  • The US is guilty of not praying enough for our own nation’s leadership.
  • ETC., ETC!  (and so much more).
  • The US is guilty of abandoning the churches of America.  Droves of people are simply doing anything else rather than attend and support our churches.

Now listen, friends: US is “us!” That is right. We are the US. Will you please take this list, and repent for the sins listed above?

Please Jesus, forgive “us” for ignoring

the sins of our beloved U.S.! 

Pastor Stan