“Discernment — Essential in These Last Days”

“Discernment — Essential in These Last Days”

Discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather, it is telling the difference between right and almost right.” — Spurgeon

David Wilkerson gave us a warning before he died: “The majority of churchgoers today soundly reject all prophetic warnings of the coming storm. Indeed, the American church today is the most blatant feel-good church in all of history. But like Israel, we’re only experiencing the calm before the storm!”

“Take heed that no one deceives you … will deceive many … deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matt. 24:4, 5, 24).  

How shall we know the difference between right and almost right? Stay in close touch with Jesus!

  • God doesn’t exist just to hear our prayers.  When I pray I come to understand what God desires of me
  • Read Psalm 37:4

Understand How God works through His Word

  • We are instructed to renew our minds through God’s Word, so we can know what He desires of us.  Romans 12:1-2

Live a life that is holy and pure in Gods eyes

  • “To discern spirits we must dwell with Him Who is holy and He will give revelation and unveil the mask of satanic powers on all lines.” — Smith Wigglesworth

Love people even when they are wrong

  • As a Christian, you will disagree with most people’s opinions.  
  • If you constantly have your heart clouded by unforgiveness, resentment, jealously and hatred, you will influence few people.
  • “And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all discernment, that you may approve things that are excellent …”   Philippians 1:9-10

Be involved in “Disciple-shaping

  • When you totally disagree with others, don’t let them infect you with their negative spirit.  
  • Become a bridge to Christ. Don’t be afraid to listen to them.
  • Show them the way to Christ. Show them how Christ loves them.  
  • Become a Disciple-shaper.
  • Keep praying, “Holy Spirit, teach me to discern the difference between “right and almost right.”

Keep your eyes open and ears hearing what God is saying,

Pastor Stan