Could It Possibly Happen?

Who could dare to dream of such a thing happening? You were beginning to get this glimmer of hope in your spirit that possibly, well maybe, some extraordinary answer was coming to a seemingly impossible situation. You’d cried out to God, and it seemed nothing happened. In all fairness you didn’t get mad about the situation, just because God didn’t make “it” happen. You just went on. You were not really giving it a lot of thought, but your request was an everyday prayer.

Then one day, this famous person came along your road. You’d heard about this man, and excitement began to build in your spirit. A great crowd of people had gathered around and they are buzzing! He was coming, He was coming!

Incredibly in that group of 1000’s, He stopped right in front of you.  You’d been screaming out, “Have mercy on me!”  You really didn’t think He would stop just for you. Silence stilled the crowd. They were all straining to hear what He would say. He asked, “What do you want me to do?”  “Lord, I want to see!!”  …. And then came the most powerful words you had ever heard in your life. These words spoke to your very existence, your ears, your body, your eyes. He said, “Receive your sight; your faith has made you whole!” Instantly, you were seeing. You  heard color described: The BLUE of the sky, the GREEN of grass, but you’d never seen it before. It was all so amazing. And then, your eyes settled on the One,  the “He” of this true story.  You had just met Jesus, the Son of God. From hair to sandals, you examined this Man.  He exuded light!  Maybe no one else saw it, but it was as if He was glowing from the inside. You stared in amazement. Jesus had come! “He  touched me. Now I see!”

Yes, it can happen, today, right here in this service. It’s not any old Sunday. It’s this day, this Sunday, that you can cry out to your Savior.  Suddenly, faith can spring up in your spirt, as you cry out in worship, “Lord, have mercy on me!” Suddenly, faith can spring from the depths of your being, because TODAY, you know …

It’s Going to Happen, Today!

Pastor Stan Rutkowski