“Climate Change and Christians”

“Climate Change and Christians”

I recently read an article by an individual in Salida who went to a Denver conference for climate change. There were 350 people there who were very charged up that climate is changing and how we could give “green jobs” to the workforce, rather than allowing climate to change without human interference. Then I read about California’s illustrious Governor Jerry Brown. He wants to send California’s own satellite into space to contradict President Trump. Then someone else blamed President Trump for Hurricane Florence.

This week’s Pastor’s Points is NOT intended to be a politically charged article. Rather, I think we need to look at what the Bible has to say about climate change! I first want to say that trying to change climate has never been successful. Hello! We’re not God. If people could change climate, don’t you think they would have done it before now? Climate control is in the hands of the Almighty!

It is the height of humanism to think that man can become so powerful that we can somehow change the weather, control hurricanes, stop flooding, stop fires before they start, keep volcanos from erupting, etc.  Humanism gives the message that humanity is more powerful than God.

Revelation 16 lists judgments of God on mankind and the earth —  Sores on humans, the seas turn to blood, the waters turn to blood, men are scorched as the sun comes closer to earth, Euphrates River dried up, the earth experiences the greatest earthquake in all of history. Revelation 17,  wicked men make war with God. They lose. The armies of the earth are destroyed. The center of wicked, Babylon, is destroyed in Revelation 19.  Satan is bound for 1,000  years, then destroyed.

Then something dramatic happens. Revelation 21:1, “Now I saw a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH.” Now that’s climate change! God says, “Behold I will make all things NEW!”

So all you “eco-evangelists” out there … you’re wasting your efforts.  My advice?  Fall on your knees and beg God to forgive your sins while you  still have a chance! Otherwise … good luck!!

Pastor Stan