“Caution … Under Attack!”

“Caution … Under Attack!”

Yes, I do truly believe Living Waters Church has been under attack! I, likewise, believe that Salida, plus all of Colorado is under attack.  

The events that have taken place in damaging the facility of Living Waters has been harsh, at best. It has been discouraging and draining. We have seen difficulties and experienced some troubles.

We must be careful to be spiritually perceptive, to the point that we understand we are not alone in some of these battles. I was reading about one Assemblies of God church that had a four foot snow drift in front of the church and had to shut the church down.  Then there were the two Assembly of God churches in Paradise California that do not exist anymore, nor do the Pastors’ homes!   Houston area had a hurricane that decimated many of the churches in that area. Whole blocks were not recognizable …and so on, and so forth!

Don’t be caught unawares. The devil would like nothing more than to discourage us in our work for Christ. We must look up at times like this! Our source of help and strength comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. David said it this way, “Lead me to a rock that is higher than I.” “My help comes from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth.” Throughout all history, man has at times found himself in great peril. We have lessons from the Bible to teach us how we should respond to difficult times. Rest assured, God is still in control in all that is done. He will have the first and the last say regarding everything that happens.

So, look up, my dear friends. See Jesus! He is the best friend  you will ever have. He sits at the right hand of God ever living to make intercession for you and me.

“My Help Comes From the Lord …!”

Pastor Stan