“Called to be Witnesses”

“Called to be Witnesses”

** Please Note! The first 3 paragraphs are written by a wonderful missionary retired, Ward Tannenberg**

“We are called to be witnesses, not lawyers. A witness is somebody who tells what he or she has seen and heard. A lawyer is somebody who argues a case. We are witnesses of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A Christian with a glowing testimony is worth a library full of arguments. We need to learn how to give our testimony. We do not have to be a theologian to be able to give our testimony.

Do you remember the man who was born blind and Jesus healed him? The Pharisees jumped on the blind man’s case. They were angry because this man had been healed. They backed him into a corner and asked him all kinds of theological questions. The man just said, ‘One thing I know; once I was blind, and now I see.’ A Christian with a testimony is never at the mercy of an infidel with an argument. Our testimony is the most convincing thing when we witness and share the Lord Jesus Christ.”

I so agree with Ward T. on this subject. It is not our responsibility to defend Jesus Christ, even if you are an Apologetics expert (the defense of the Gospel by logic). Paul did not stand before any of his critics and defend Jesus Christ by his Doctorate in Jewish Theology and studies. Paul instead took the personal approach, by telling hostile crowds, “This is why I believe in Jesus”. A short version by Paul: “I was a Christian killer. I hated them. I was on my way to Jerusalem. I was knocked off my donkey by the Power of God. The Light was so intense from the glory of God, it blinded me. So amazed was I that I screamed out, ‘Who are you, Lord?’ and a second question, What would you have me do?’” Paul continued: “Jesus appeared to me. I saw the risen Christ! In one short time with God’s convicting power, I changed from an evil man to what I am today. I love Jesus. I have chosen to serve Him forever. He saved my soul. I have never experienced such power as when I encountered Jesus. That is why I call myself a willing slave to do whatever Jesus asks me to do!”

Dear ones, I say to you, you’ll never effectively out argue anyone!  However, who can argue with your personal testimony of what Jesus has done for you? Practice giving your testimony. Write it out.

You‘ve got something great to tell a lost and dying world! 

Pastor Stan