“Beware! The Nuts are Coming out of the Cracks!”

“Beware! The Nuts are Coming out of the Cracks!”

This is so funny: I just got a call from one of our former New York City parishioners. JoAnn was driving a New York City bus in Manhattan when the planes downed the Twin Towers. Jo has an amazing testimony of how she was delivered from an alternate lifestyle and became an Assemblies of God minister.

Anyway, back to the reason for her call. She called to me ask what my perspective was on a person who informed her that we didn’t really land on the moon. I gave my answer and she responded that I should preach a message on that. So, here goes …

All of these alternate view points — No man on the moon … We need to become the greenest country in the world (which would cost trillions of dollars and bankrupt the USA in a short time) … No sin is greater than another sin … We don’t need border walls, etc., etc. — All of these postulations are to distract us from what should be a central message heralded around the world: Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” Jn 12:21c People had heard of Jesus. Jesus had very quickly gained a reputation of doing good wherever He went. Jesus had healed the blind, raised the dead, forgiven sinners, became the center of controversy because He spoke TRUTH.

Consider this: The current controversies and wild hair theories don’t mention Jesus. They want us to be distracted from Jesus, to perhaps make us a little anxious, and to distract Christians and churches from our central theme and mission.

Our theme is JESUS. Our mission as a church is to spread JESUS to a lost and dying world.  

As we enter 2019, “Beware! The nuts are coming out of the cracks!” How should we react? Keep your focus; maintain your stance as a believer in Christ. Don’t be shaken by all the crazy theories of this world.

Stay in the Word. Stay on your knees.

Believe every word that Jesus said!

May 2019 be the greatest year you’ve ever had!

Pastor Stan