“Be Blessed, Not Stressed”

“Be Blessed, Not Stressed”

I often pray, “Lord give us your Peace in all situations.” Why? If we have God’s peace, we are missing some negative traits in our lives, like griping and complaining. Biblical examples:

Israel complained numerous times. “Yikes! The Egyptian army is chasing us! They are going to kill us all!” (Of course, it had to be somebody’s fault, so they blamed God and Moses.) Then they complained when they didn’t have water to drink, meat to eat, etc.

(I am writing this on Thanksgiving Day, so family members received cash money, which comes back to me, if we hear a complaint out of them. We will see how it goes.)

1 Corinthians 10:10. “Nor complain as some of them also complained, and were destroyed by the destroyer.” Israel was so prevalent to griping and complaining that they were destroyed! A whole generation missed out on the Promised Land, because of murmuring and complaining. They died in the desert.

Considering PEACE: “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on YOU, because he trusts in YOU!” I think we are all working on that promise, aren’t we?

That is a practice promise. In other words we are going to have to practice hard to keep our minds on Jesus when stuff turns upside down on us.  How would you deal with this? For Christmas you receive a 2020 Ford F250, double cab, decked out with leather interior, etc. Also, you were blessed with a 32 foot travel trailer that had every imaginable luxury. You are towing it on its maiden voyage over Red Mountain Pass. The whole family is so excited. Midway down the mountain, a patch of ice is hit and the whole rig, truck and trailer go over the side!   After several complete rollovers, the whole family takes an assessment of their personal health. Everyone seems to be protected, because of the safety measures built into the truck. However, the truck and trailer are a total loss! Now … How will you react? Is it possible to keep your mind on Jesus at a time like that? Will the complaints roll out, OR will you be giving praise to Jesus that you are protected and you had the privilege of having such a beautiful set for a few days?

All I can say is, we need lots of practice to keep our minds stayed on Jesus. I would like to get to that place of Perfect Peace at all times. So, let’s keep practicing. In the meantime:

Be Blessed, Not Stressed!

Pastor Stan