“Are You Stuck?”

“Are You Stuck?”

No one is more aware of your inadequacies in your relationship with Jesus than you yourself. I know I am woefully aware of how I could serve Jesus better. It may be that you feel your prayer life is not good, or that time spent in the Word (Bible) is woefully inadequate. You don’t have enough faith, OR, you “lose it” too often in regards to losing your temper. Perhaps you have a secret sin that no one but you knows. Perhaps we don’t spend enough time praising Jesus everyday? Any number of items could make us feel less than adequate when we serve Jesus.

My first response to our inadequacies is this: At least we are trying. The Holy Spirit is available to ask for help in our areas of spiritual weakness.

Last Sunday I called for 40 Days of Fasting with Prayer, as a corporate plea to Living Waters Church. It is my right to do so as the Pastor. We need to do this. I have personally seen the success of churches that were in dire straights, but each year they would respond to a call for 40 Days of Fasting with Prayer. Today their churches are amazing!

Let me clarify this call to Fasting with Prayer. Note the word, “With?”  What good is skipping a meal if you don’t pray? So, spend the time in prayer that  you would take to prepare and eat a meal.

How often should you fast during these 40 days? Once a week, at a minimum, or take several meals a week and fast, or perhaps 1, 2, or 3 whole days.  However, you determine make the determination.

What will be the result of Fasting with Prayer? It should result in obtaining a new position in Christ for LWAG, and for individuals personally. A deeper relationship. Strength to push past some habitual weaknesses in your relationship with Christ. Conquering a difficult sinful situation in your life. Seeing your friend or relative that is a Prodigal (backslider) come back to Christ, and so much more.

Fasting with prayer can loose the spiritual bondage in Salida, Chaffee County, Colorado, and our beloved USA.

Read Isaiah 58. It will greatly encourage you as you Fast with Prayer  these 40 days. Expect God to do great things during this time.

Let’s Seek to Get “Unstuck,”

Pastor Stan