Are You Ready for Your Miracle?

Are You Ready for Your Miracle?

You remember Harold & Lynne Johnson from the Dallas area? They visit every summer, and they are such a blessing when they come for 2-3 months. Recently, Harold was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Saints from all over know and love Harold. He has a bubbly, effervescent personality and is truly a wonderful man of God. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor and undergoing surgery, here is his testimony: “Greetings, Saints! When the surgeon removed a golf ball sized brain tumor, it was contained in an embryologic like sac. Very rare to be contained.  Testimonial pictures to come as proof of a miracle! I believe there will be a print on the side of the results of the medical report that says:  ‘Compliments of the prayers of the saints.’ I have so much more to say to you. All boasting, praise & joy to our GOD!  Forever & Forever!! World without end … only tears of joy allowed. On the journey,   Harold Johnson”

A friend saw Harold in the grocery market. He knew that Harold had gone through this radical surgery. Joe thought Harold would be languishing in a recovery mode for weeks after the surgery.  Instead Joe wrote:

“Today is miraculous for me!! As I was shopping for a few things at Central Market, who did I run into but Harold just buying produce like the rest of us, big smile and all. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks, but sure enough it was HE!! Looked about 20 yrs younger and just radiating God’s healing grace all over like I have never seen before. He just wants to thank you for all the prayers, and for sure keep them coming, but my guess is God has already fully taken are of that bill … paid in full.” Love and Joy,  Joe Kleinkort

My question to all of you saints at Living Waters Church is this: “Does God love you any less than He loves Harold and Lynne Johnson?” I’ll answer that question. God loves you as much as He loves Harold & Lynne! You are a specially favored Child of God. Jesus thought you were worth dying for! Every stripe placed on Jesus’ back was endured so that you could have your healing. Isaiah 53.5c “And by His stripes we are healed” 1 Peter 2.24c  “… by whose stripes you were healed.”

Today can be your day for a miracle!  Reach out in faith. You say, “I don’t have much faith right now. I’m in such pain, I can hardly take the effort to pray!” Start repeating these words on your way to the altar:  “… by whose stripes you were healed.”

Expect a Miracle!

Pastor Stan Rutkowski