“Are You Ready for this Next Month?”

“Are You Ready for this Next Month?”

Yep, December is upon us! I love the Christmas Season. What a great time of the year! It’s all about spending money, lighting up the eyes of children, singing goofy songs, dumb little gifts that make no sense at all. Apologies like, “Oh my goodness you shouldn’t have … but I didn’t get you anything,” wearing silly hats, or holding kids hostage, by giving threats that may include, “If you don’t straighten up, Santa is not going to show up!” etc. Then there are the extreme efforts to be with family, like traveling through blizzards, only to get together, give each other a hug, then be glued to your phone, TV, video games … Whew!

Now wait a minute — That’s not what Christmas is all about, but we tend to major on some of the above mentioned things. Has the Christmas story gotten old?  Have you heard the same sermons over and over? Does it all seem a little flat, with expectations that were too high? I can tell you, it doesn’t have to be!

“If you don’t have it, don’t spend it!”    Money Advice

Try to eliminate unrealistic expectation from your spirit … After all you really don’t need a brand new 2019 Ford Heavy Duty, 3/4 ton, 4-wheel drive with double cab and leather interior, even though you might enjoy that. — Greed Advice

Double your time in the WORD. If you spend five minutes, make it 10 minutes, etc. Spend time reading each Birth of Christ passage, trying to discover new inspiration to this story you’ve heard so often. PRAY for those in need —  Paradise, Californians that lost everything … Lonely people … Older people who are barely getting along and wish they were home in Heaven for Christmas. LISTEN for God’s Spirit to speak to you. PRAY for yourself! That is not selfish! It’s wisdom to ask God for His Strength, His Provision, and His Promises to become reality in your life.  PRAY for those in the military away from their families this Christmas. PRAY for those who do not have the joy of knowing Jesus as Savior. — Spiritual Advice

Have fun! Celebrate! Enjoy each other. Talk to people you know, but you don’t really take much time with them. I think the best gift you can give to others is a slice of yourself. Listen to them.  Give them smiles and a hug. One little old lady recently commented, “I miss my husband, Jim, so much. Nobody ever gives me a hug anymore!”  When I heard her say that, I made sure she got the biggest hug from me, and a kiss on the cheek as well, before I left her that day.


Merry CHRISTmas Season,

Pastor Stan