“Are We Better Off to React OR to Act?”

“Are We Better Off to React OR to Act?”

With so much that has happened during this pandemic, I see our world caught in REACTING rather than ACTING. Based on fear, countries have placed themselves in terrible financial bondage. Canada has thrown Bible believing, Jesus preaching pastors in maximum security prisons, placed razor wire barricades around their church facilities, and fined churches huge fines (into the $1000’s of dollars per week), because they refuse to bow to the edicts concerning Covid crud.

Shoppers have spit on other shoppers for not wearing masks, or in some cases beaten them in public. Parents of children in public schools have received huge punishments and fines, because they protested that bathrooms were open to someone who pretended to be the opposite sex.

Marriage partners have screamed, yelled, badgered their husbands, wives, and children, because they are not in agreement with each other.

Biblical examples of Reacting rather than Acting? Cain killed his brother, Abel, in the first recorded murder in the Bible. He was jealous of his brother Abel, because God accepted Abel’s sacrifice. In his anger, Cain killed his own brother.

Balaam beat his donkey in a fit of rage and anger, because Balaam was on his way to curse Israel. His donkey that he was riding crushed his leg against a stone wall, because the donkey saw an angel with a flaming sword ready to kill Balaam for his disobedience. Balaam was going to curse Israel for a bribe.

The Philippian jailer was going to kill himself, because Paul and Silas had given such praise to God. The jail doors sprung open. The jailer thought the prisoners had all escaped. That would have brought huge punishment to the jailer.  Fortunately, Paul stopped the man from committing suicide. He and his family all came to Jesus. Acts 16.

How should we act when faced with a real crises? REST on the promises and assurances God has given in His Word. They will never fail you. ”There has not failed one word of all His good promise, which  He promised through His servant Moses.” 1 Kings 8:56b

In these tumultuous times we live in, when stuff happens, don’t REACT without consulting Jesus first.

May You Have a Calm Faith-Filled Spirit!

Pastor Stan