“And Let Everybody Sing!”

“And Let Everybody Sing!”

We used to have a favorite opening line when we went to church, “And let everybody sing!”  Right after opening prayer as the service began, we would excitedly begin singing wonderful Gospel songs. Revivaltime radio broadcast, way back in in the 1960’s, began their broadcasts that way, as well.

Our church did exactly that. We all sang with such joy and enthusiasm. We were excited! We got to see everyone … you know, our friends, brothers and sisters.  We called it “the joy of fellowship”. I was always fascinated with our worship leader as a kid. Us boys had a wonderful topic of discussion. “How did Brother Spencer (our song leader) lose his thumb?” I mean, it was an oddity that certainly should occupy a 9 year-old boy’s thoughts, right? So, one day I gathered my courage to ask Brother Spencer … because, you know, you didn’t address adults in the church as anything less than “Brother or Sister”! Brother Spencer’s reply was this, “Well Jr. (or as I was sometimes called, Little Stan, because my dad, Big Stan, was 6 feet+ tall and weighed at least 300 pounds), “I was lifting up a house trailer one day and the jack broke. The weight of the trailer house fell on my hand and cut my thumb clear off!” Now that was a story to tell all my friends that came to church. My boast was, “See our song leader? He only has one thumb!” However, all that childhood amazement soon disappeared, as Brother Spencer began to lead worship. He would wave his arms and smile so big, and you know, we were so excited to sing.  Why, we were singing to our KING! As you can tell I thought 1st Assembly of God, Casper, Wyoming was just the greatest place in the world. I couldn’t carry a tune, but everybody knew Jr. loved Jesus and loved to sing.

This Sunday morning, we have a Gospel singing group, Crystal River,  with us. They are fine men of God, who have steadfastly resisted selling their talents to the world. They could make big money, but they would rather sing of Jesus and minister in churches. As they lead us in worship, Let EVERYBODY sing! Clap your hands, let loose and sing for the joy of expressing what is deep in your soul.

Why? Because the Bible says, Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” The Bible also demands of us, “O, clap your hands all ye people, shout unto the Lord with the voice of triumph.”

Why? Because we are saved!

Why? Because if you are saved, you are on your way to Heaven.

Why? Because I want to drown out the doom sayers, the cancel culture, and all the other political mumbo jumbo. Let us be joyful today.

So … Let Everybody Sing!

Pastor Stan