“Advice for the New Year”

“Advice for the New Year”

Yesterday, I was reading Psalm 37 in my daily devotions. On that basis, I would like to offer the Psalmist’s advice on how to have a blessed and awesome New Year. Please read Psalm 37. Some of David’s words spoke to my spirit deeply.

“Fret not” refers to refusing the constant, “Whys”, and “How Long?” that question God’s sovereignty. Most of us will never receive a complete answer to those questions. Trust Father, your Papa, with seeming injustices. He advises you to delight yourself in your Lord.  Committing your current and future paths to God will cause you to be blessed. Be still, and wait patiently.

Don’t fret (whine) over why some prosper and others don’t. I give you one more piece of advice from Psalm 37, so you may have a happy and blessed 2022 … Cease from anger. It is now time to lay aside the anger over injustices in your life. Give “it” over to Jesus. Pray and release hurt, injustice, and anger on a daily basis, even two or three times a day, until you are free from anger. For me, it was a 90-day journey in which I mentioned every hurt in years on earth. It took 2.5 hours the first time! After 90 days, I finally prayed to my Lord, “You know, God, I’m getting tired of praying the same stuff over and over again.” I heard His distinctive voice say back to me, “Yes, and I am getting tired of hearing all this stuff, too!” On that day, and ever since then, anger was and still is gone! No more, and I refuse any attempt to ever have anger, (long term grudges) placed on me again!

That is the pathway to a great, blessed and happy 2022. It certainly doesn’t mean everything will be perfect, but Heaven is reserved for perfection. I believe you should start TODAY on this pathway to be blessed and happy.

Have a Happy and Blessed 2022!

Pastor Stan